I have comics up for sale on my ebay if anyone is interested.

  • New 52 Green Arrow issues
  • New 52 Static Shock 
  • New 52 Teen Titans

My Prints for my Adventure Time Pinups and a Kill La Kill Print are also up.

My Prints are still up!

Another cover for a possible comic I’m making about me and my friends.

Two new shirts in my redbubble, also comes in pillows and stickers. Get them here.

My tablet came back from repairs which means more art! If you’re wondering how I’ve been doing any art without my tablet its because my sister let me borrow hers. The down side is that all my stickers are gone because they just gave me a new tablet board instead of fixing the old one. 

RIP: My Stickers

I can get most of them back but some of them may be a bit harder to track down.

Commission for deadfromfluff

Fanart Friday! Here is my favorite Disney Princess/Empress :)


Oshposh: “Big Changes Happening!”

My favorite people and myself!

Hey sorry about the lack of activity here. I recently got a new job and my tablet is acting up so Its kinda hard to draw. I’ll try getting some stuff up this week though!